Bösendorfer Grand Piano Model Edge design

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Bösendorfer Grand Piano Edge design


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The Bösendorfer Grand Piano Model Edge design is a modern take on the classic concert grand piano, designed to appeal to a new generation of musicians and music lovers. This piano combines the traditional sound and feel of a Bösendorfer grand piano with a sleek and contemporary design that sets it apart from other pianos on the market.

One of the most notable features of the Model Edge is its design. The piano features clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic that is both modern and elegant. The piano's case is made of high-quality materials such as glass and metal, which gives it a unique and striking appearance. The piano's legs are also designed to be slim and unobtrusive, making it a perfect choice for those who want to make a statement in their home or performance space.

Despite its contemporary design, the Model Edge still delivers the rich and authentic tone that is associated with Bösendorfer pianos. The piano's soundboard is made of solid spruce, which is a high-quality wood that is known for its ability to produce a rich and resonant tone. The hammers are also made of high-quality felt, which provides a smooth and responsive touch. Together, these features create a sound that is both powerful and nuanced, making the Model Edge ideal for both classical and contemporary music.

Another key feature of the Model Edge is its advanced piano action. The piano's keys are made of wood and feature a synthetic ivory surface, which provides a smooth and responsive touch. Additionally, the piano's action is designed to replicate the feel of a traditional grand piano, providing a highly-responsive playing experience that is perfect for expressive performances.

The Model Edge also boasts a variety of other advanced features that are designed to enhance the overall playing experience. The piano is equipped with Bösendorfer's "Virtual Concert Hall" technology, which allows players to access a variety of pre-recorded performances and educational materials. Additionally, the piano is also compatible with the Bösendorfer's "Silent Piano" technology, which allows the player to practice in complete silence by using headphones.

In conclusion, the Bösendorfer Grand Piano Model Edge is a modern take on the classic concert grand piano that combines traditional sound and feel with a contemporary design. Its advanced sound, feel, and features, combined with its unique and elegant design, make the Model Edge an outstanding choice for those who want the best in terms of sound, feel, aesthetics and modernity. This piano is not only a musical instrument but also a piece of art that will be enjoyed for decades to come.


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