Piano Rentals

Long-Term Rental

Rental pianos provide an affordable and flexible option for beginners to explore their musical journey before committing to a long-term investment.

You can rent an acoustic piano for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12. After the rental period you will have the option to buy any new or second hand  acoustic piano and receive a 50% rebate on rental paid.

For example : After 9 months you decide that you are ready to make the investment, in buying a piano, and we will take  50% of the rent paid and deduct that from the sales price of the piano of your choice.

The rental agreement can be terminated by giving 1-month notice. 

Monthly rent: R750-00 
(excludes once off Transport cost) 

If you are interested in renting a piano through us, fill out the form below and we will get back to you.