Feurich Upright Piano Model 115 PW-Premier

Feurich Upright Piano Model 115 PW-Premier

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Feurich Upright Piano115 PW-Premier 

  • The most compact upright in the FEURICH range of pianos–with an elegant Bauhaus design, this instrument is perfect for modern city living, where space is at a premium.
  • Thanks to some creative piano design features, the FEURICH 115 – Premiere manages to get a larger-than-life sound from an instrument of this size.
  • Designed by renowned German piano builder Rolf Ibach.
  • Extremely balanced sound for a small instrument.
  • Unique FEURICH action design–no plastic components.
  • Stylish Bauhaus design.
  • Celeste pedal for quiet playing mode–perfect for sensitive neighbours!
  • The Model 115 – Premiere has been through a rigorous process of improvement and redevelopment to result in the quality instrument we have today. The Model 115 –
  • Premiere is available in black or white, with brass or chrome interior fittings, and can easily be fitted with the optional Feurich silencer system.