Yamaha DC1 Disklavier Grand Piano

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Yamaha DC1 Disklavier Grand Piano(Selfplaying+ Silentpiano).

The Yamaha DC1 Disklavier is a normal acoustic piano with built in modern technology, (selfplaying & silentpiano) build in.

This piano can play a list of songs and also have recording functions build in so that you can playback and listen to your own music.

The silent feature is also nice to have. You can plug in your earphones and a steel bar will lift into its position so that the hammers hit the bar instead of the strings. This means that the acoustic piano would not make a sound while you play it and will only listen to the piano over your earphones.  

The Yamaha DC1, manufactured in 2006, is a notable grand piano renowned for its precision craftsmanship and rich musical resonance. Its design reflects Yamaha's commitment to blending traditional artistry with modern technology, resulting in an instrument that appeals to both seasoned musicians and discerning enthusiasts. The DC1 boasts a compact size, making it suitable for various settings, from intimate performances to home practice.


Width: 149 cm

Height: 101 cm

Depth: 161 cm

Weight: 316 kg


Its combination of traditional craftsmanship, technological innovation, and attention to detail results in a musical instrument that appeals to pianists of all levels. Whether used for professional performances or personal enjoyment, the Yamaha DC1 continues to be a respected choice in the world of grand pianos.