Copy of Joseph Guanerius fecit 4/4

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This violin was made in Cremona anno in the beginning of the 1900's .The top is medium grained pine and the back is a one piece evenly flamed Sycamore. Bow not included. In very good condition.

The most illustrious member of this famous family of violin makers was Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guarneri(Cremona, Italy, 1698-1744), the fifth and last member of the family, grandson of Andrea, son of Giuseppe Giovanni Battista. He is more familiarly known as Joseph Guarnerius del Gesu. Guarnerius is the Latin form of the family name and Joseph the Hebrew form of Giuseppe. The addition of "del Gesu" to the name and the Greek abbreviation for Jesus (IHS) beneath a cross on the labels indicate veneration for the Holy Name.