NUX DM5S Electric Drumkit

NUX DM5S Electric Drumkit

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Nux DM5S 9 Piece Electronic Drum Kit

The Nux DM5s is a professional electronic drum set equipped with 232 types of French Dream ultra-realistic drum sound source, a simple interface, customizable sound library to ensure you have the most realistic drum sound. Featuring velocity-sensitive trigger and cymbals, you can set parameters on drum pad triggers to ensure the best possible response to play.Practice feature offers Quick Record/Quick Play, add effects and much more when used with DM-3. We add the new mesh head is more sensitive then the old version, more natural hit feedback.

This now features a Mesh Snare Drum Pad for better attack, feedback and trigger sensitivity. The modules tone performance has been significantly improvied and on the fly kit changing from the module.

Each pad can be configured to adjust the sensitivity, trigger level, scanning time, mask time, double trigger elimination, X-cross adjustment, or rim gain through setting up the parameter of each trigger. 


The Tech Features:- 

Brand:- Nux

Model:- DM5S

Pads:- Snare, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, Kick, Crash1, Crash2, Ride, Hi-hat  

KIt Sounds:- 232 drum sounds

Presets:- 50 (25 built in and 25 users)

Additional Functions:- Recording Function, 20 Demo Songs, Coach Function, Playback MIDI files via SD Card

Interface:- Headphone, USB MIDI, SD Card, AUX IN, Power Supply Input

Power Requirement:-  9v DC (Included)