Yamaha Bb YTR-3335 Trumpet

Yamaha Bb YTR-3335 Trumpet

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This Yamaha Trumpet features a unique design that allows the professional player to produce a darker tone in the lower register. It allows the player to get use to the resistance and the standard lead pipe while enabling him/her to bring out his/her range out of the pocket. Overall, this trumpet is incredible, especially with the ability to drastically change your sound by using a different mouthpiece altogether. This is perhaps the trumpet with the brightest and greatest sound in the history of trumpets.

Key- Bb
Bell Material- Two piece, Yellow brass
Bell Diameter- 123mm (4-7/8")
Bore Size- ML 11.65mm (0.459")
Weight- Medium
Finish- Gold lacquer
Mouthpiece- TR-11B4