Yamaha Digital Saxophone Model YDS - 150

Yamaha Digital Saxophone Model YDS - 150

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Blowing into the mouthpiece resonates throughout the entire instrument—a sensation you can feel in your lips, fingertips, and even your heart. The Integrated Bell Acoustic System, created by the fusion of acoustic and digital technologies, delivers an incredibly authentic, gorgeous sound that feels and responds as if you were playing an acoustic instrument.

  • Bell: Yellow Brass/Gold lacquer finish
  • Key Systems: Fingering same as saxophone, High-F#, Front-F, LowA
  • Preset: 73 voices (incl. 56 sax voices)
  • Tuning: 427.0Hz~440.0Hz~453.0Hz, approx. 0.5Hz increments
  • Bluetooth: Audio
  • Effect: 5 Types (for headphones)
  • Headphones: Stereo-mini
  • Aux IN: Stereo-mini
  • USB To Host: Micro USB tpe B
  • Power Supply: USB power adaptors:5V1A (micro USB Type-B), Batteries (four AAA size alkaline[lr3]) Or Ni-MH rechargable[HR3] batteries)
  • Power Consumotion: 4.5W (when using USB power adaptor)