Yamaha YSS-475II Soprano Saxophone

Yamaha YSS-475II Soprano Saxophone

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The YSS-475II delivers professional qualities at an intermediate price. Much of its design is based upon the Custom EX saxes, and it shares many of the same features. The 475II offers outstanding response, tone, and intonation, as well as comfortable playability. This is a high-quality soprano saxophone that has been designed for the use of professional players. 

The 475II saxophones come in deluxe ultra-lightweight cases which provide excellent protection. It includes shoulder straps for easy transport. 

Key- Bb
Bell: Type- Two-piece
         Decoration- Laser engraved
Keys: Key Buttons-Polyester
         Auxiliary Keys- High F#, Front F
Thumb Hook- Adjustable
Finish- Gold lacquer
Neck- Straight
Mouthpiece- 4C
Case- Included