Yamaha Disklavier Enspire

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The Yamaha Disklavier Enspire is one of the most technologically advanced ‘hybrid’ pianos in the world. This piano is beneficial for people in the hospitality and entertainment industries.


The Disklavier breathes new life into your home entertainment experience. Choose from thousands of readily available songs from our extensive library. Pick a station from Yamaha Piano Radio and put your entertainment on autopilot. With the integrated SILENT PianoTM technology allows you to listen, learn and play without being disturbed or disturbing others. You can enjoy beautiful piano solos or piano ensemble performances, fully enhanced by vocals and backing instrumentation. Note: the Yamaha Disklavier Enspire is a standard acoustic piano. Intuitive controls put your favorite piano performances in the palm of your hand. Mobile app. device control makes controlling your instrument fun and easy. Internet connectivity allows you to enjoy streaming piano performances.


The Disklavier was originally conceived and crafted as a tool to empower music education. Improve learning with visual masterclasses, piano performance analytics, distance learning and more. High-resolution internal recording functionality grants the ability to archive performances. MIDI connectivity allows for integration with music technology devices and software. Disklavier pianos are manufactured in a number of sizes. The Disklavier is the only reproducing piano that incorporates a fully integrated record and playback system. Create your own accompaniment or select from readily available titles from our catalogue. Whether the student is center stage playing a senior recital, or a world-renowned artist is giving a concert; the Disklavier redefines performance expectations. Distance Learning remove geographic boundaries from the learning experience. Remote Auditions empower students to audition anywhere around the world, making music education more accessible.


From hospitals, wellness centers and nursing homes - the Disklavier provides the comfort of a professional pianist on-demand. Outshine the competition by providing live entertainment from a vast selection of repertoire in restaurants and venues. Perfect for the lobby, greeting guests with piano music as they arrive at resorts and hotels. In retail, optimize the high-end shopping experience. Over 30 channels of streaming piano music available 24/7 with more than 6000 titles in the music catalogue. Add a unique musical climate to your organization and enrich their experience. Enrich the customer experience with a sound that can only be produced by a finely crafted acoustic piano. Built-in audio outputs allow the instrument's digital sounds to be routed through installed sound reinforcement systems. Use the Disklavier "Timer Play" function to program the piano to play what you want, when you want.


Enhancing the ability to create and capture. The Disklavier can generate digital sounds or can be used as a keyboard controller so you can find even more inspiration exploring a full palette of instruments. Create when the pianist is there and when they aren't. With Disklavier you never have to stop the musical ideas from flowing. Ultra-accurate performance reproduction makes studio time more productive, giving the artist more time to record and the engineer more flexibility to find the sweet spot. MIDI and audio connectivity give artists more flexibility to compose, capture and collaborate. Record and critique your own performances. Disklavier gives artists the tools to grow and evolve into better musicians. Precision playback gives writers and composers the ability to instantly review their musical ideas and creations. MIDI and audio connectivity allows the Disklavier to be integrated with any modern recording device. At the heart of every Disklavier is a superb Yamaha acoustic piano - the most recorded and performed-on pianos in the world. Optical key, hammer and pedal sensors capture every nuance of the performance resulting in unparalleled playback accuracy. The Disklavier can be easily integrated into professional and home studios or used as a standalone music production instrument. Share piano recordings with other Disklavier users and take musical collaborations, rehearsals and writing sessions to another level.

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