Content Celeste 236 Organ

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Content Celeste 236 Organ

Content was established in 1980 in Ermelo, Netherlands by Berg Foppen, an acknowledged expert in the field of electronic organs, Content Organs offers classical digital organs for home  and Church/Institutional use as well as Hauptwerk models.

In 1987 Content Organs was presented with the prestigious ‘’Paris Diapason Dór’’ award for excellence in quality and sound.

With Content Organs you have a wide range to choose a suitable organ from.Thanks to a built-in 3D surround system, this organ comes standard with no less than 14 speakers, distributed across various positions in the oak organ cabinet.

This makes external speakers for (additional) spatial experience unnecessary. With the Virtual Player Position, you can experience your own organ playing from behind the console, in front of the organ facade in the church, or further back in the church.

This is achieved with just a simple press of a button, thanks to the Content Convolution Reverb module with more than 10 lifelike reverbs.

With the Personal Control Center, the organ can be easily adjusted and configured according to personal preferences. The organ is built into a beautiful and robust cabinet with a contemporary design.

With all these features, the Celeste 236 is the perfect home organ for every organist and a valuable addition to the living room!

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The Content Celeste is a versatile instrument that offers four distinct and unique sound worlds.

Four different traditional specifications of stops are offered enabling you to play the works of the great masters in the particular sound of their actual time frame, thus doing justice to the pieces performed.

Should you wish to hear the sound of a Content Organ, in our shop at 144 Dorp Street, Stellenbosch we have a model Celeste 236.

You are welcome to call on us so that we can discuss your organ requirements.



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