Concerto 476

Price on request

The Concerto series is a dream. Inspired by the old pipe organ in its many forms, Content Organs has developed a world-class organ, the Concerto 476. With as many as four unique sound worlds and a treasure of stops, each organs’ sounds work as dreamed. A musical accession!

The Concerto 476 is characterized by a wide and carrying powerful sound with an extremely refined show definition. An organ for the future. Not only in terms of possibilities, also in terms of design. The applied digital techniques provide an energy efficient organ of format. 

  • 4 Velocity sensitive manuals 
  • 4 x 76 Stops 
  • 4 Unique organ styles 
  • 10 x 22 General Presets (x 4) 
  • Convolutie type reverb 
  • Extravoice (112 programmable orchestral voices)

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