Hauptwerk Organ Cambiare Intern model

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Hauptwerk Organ Cambiare Intern model

The Hauptwerk organs allow the organist to download the voices of various renowned historic pipe organs from around the world.

With the advent of streaming audio products in the home- and church organ world, of which Hauptwerk is the most famous application, starts a new era for organists.

With a great degree of flexibility the (home) organist now have the authentic sound of a wide range of (historical) church organs available.

Each organ with its own character, disposition and spatial sound experience. The Content Cambiare-series brings the authenticity and the grandeur of small and large church organs home and to life!

The Cambiare 210 and Cambiare 310 are models with internal audio. With the Cambiare Intern you can easily make your Hauptwerk-dream come true!

  • 2 or 3 Manuals 
  • Touch sensitive keyboards 
  • Ultimate sound experience by own sound protocol 
  • User friendly control 
  • Easy switching between sample sets 
  • Current design 
  • Multifunctional audio system 
  • Audio system modular expandable 
  • Option to choose internal or external audio 
  • New updates easy to implement in existing console 
  • Ability support and installation new sample sets via internet connection

For information on the Content Cambiare Hauptwerk organs see the link below.



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